Our Hikes

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In the footsteps of muleteers

From Chauzon, you leave for a hike of 8 to 12 km. You will first follow the river Ardèche on a shady path. At the time of picnic, you will have the opportunity to take a bath break very appreciable during the hot season. You will then continue your journey in the shade of the white oaks to a place called “Le Viel Audon”. On site you can stroll in the vegetable garden, go to meet the animals of the farm or enjoy a last swim.

On day 2, you will walk 12 km, getting closer to the Cevennes and discovering a different vegetation, argelas, boxwood, cades ... This vegetation is unique to the plateau des Gras, a very arid limestone plateau. Enjoy the view on the mountain Tanargue before reaching the village of Uzer. You will continue your journey through the vineyards to Largentière, before reaching the Mas des Faïsses for a well-deserved break.

The third day is a nice and short one, 8 kms walk!. From the Mas des Faïsses, you will walk up to the pass of “la Croix de Roure” trough chestnut trees and then down through gardens to reach the village of Joannas. Walking further through the forest, you will reach the “Gite de Jal”, at the foot of the small mountain called “Cham du Cros”.

Day 4: Different options are available.
Option 1
You can choose to walk around the Gite du Jal and visit Nelly’s garden, a small ecological unspoilt site where welcome and conviviality are cultivated like the natural garden. This option allows you to not pack and hike light for a day.


Option 2
You continue your journey to Sanilhac through the Tower of Brison located at 781 m above sea level from where you will enjoy an exceptional panoramic view (the tower is currently used as a lookout for monitoring forest fires). In Sanilhac, you will have the opportunity to sleep at Suzanne’s yurt or get picked-up by a truck.

During the last day, from Sanilhac, you will hike to the village of Largentière, old mining town. You will follow the old railway, closed in the 1980s when the mines closed, until Uzer. You will then climb on the “plateau des Gras de Chauzon” before walking down, back to the river and come and meet us at Carab'âne.

2 to 3 days hike in a star shape


For this tour, we propose several routes around the village of Chauzon. Suitable for the little ones, this itinerary is ideal to discover hiking with a donkey in a gentle way.

You settle at the campsite and hike freely. You may also decide to have a break in the middle of the stay for other activities.

For your accommodation, you can choose one of these 3 options:

- at “le gite des Aires” in the areas of Chauzon http://lesaires.over-blog.com/pages/Le_gite_des_Aires-981599.html

- at the camping site “les Chênes” www.campingleschenes07.com

- at the camping site de “Beaussement” www.beaussement.com

2 days hike

From the village of Chauzon, you will first follow the river Ardèche and then continue on “Les Gras”. You will sleep at the stage lodge “Le Viel Audon”. The next day you can go for a walk in the narrow streets of Balazuc (one of the most beautiful villages in France), before coming to meet us in Chauzon. On sunny days, you will have the pleasure to swim in the river Ardèche.

We made the choice to stop at Viel Audon because it is not just an accommodation among many others. The Viel Audon is, first of all, an art of living, a model of sustainable and ecological management.

On site you can enjoy the farm, visit the gardens, cool off at the river and in the evening you will enjoy the products of the farm or provided by local producers.